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Information you can use...

What to bring to an enrollment center

Proof of income: pay stubs from the last month, or a letter from your employer saying how much you make in a month.

If you or your children have insurance, bring in the insurance card.

If you are pregnant, you need a letter from a doctor or nurse saying when your pregnancy started.

Your Social Security number and the Social Security numbers for your children, or proof of immigration status.

TO GO ONLINE and check to see if you are eligible, go to

Area enrollment centers include:

Division of Family Resources, (DFR) 326-5870 or 879-5351

Women's Care Center, 324-4646

HealthLinc, 710 Franklin, Michigan City, 872-6200.


Springfield Township Trustee, 325-0809

Salvation Army, 326-5342

Healthy Communities of LaPorte County, 221-1559




Healthy Indiana Plan to help uninsured adults


+ Eligibility: Uninsured adult Hoosiers between 18-64 whose household income is between 22-200% Federal Poverty Level. They cannot be eligible for Medicaid or employer sponsored health insurance. They must be uninsured for 6 months prior to applying. If the applicant has children on Hoosier Healthwise/SCHIP and have been uninsured for 6 months, they will meet eligibility. A family of four can make up to $44,000 per year to be eligible.


+ Applications are now being accepted for eligible caregivers of children.


+ Plan: It is not an entitlement plan. There will be $500 preventive care, then an $1,100 power account that a participant will make monthly payments to (it is between 2-5% of total household income). There is a $300,000 annual limit and $1 million lifetime limit. The two plans are offered by Anthem and MDwise/Golden Rule. There are no deductible or copays except if the ER is used for a non-emergency visit.


+ The plan includes mental health services, medical and prescriptions.


Hoosier Healthwise/SCHIP is an entitlement plan with the same income limits for uninsured/underinsured children (up to 19 yrs) and pregnant women.


Covering Kids Council History

A LaPorte County coalition was formed in 2004 by a group of concerned agencies to increase the number of eligible children enrolled in Hoosier Healthwise. This work was expanded to include adults eligible for the Healthy Indiana Plan. An important goal is to build upon the family's knowledge, experience and capacity to sustain the enrollment and retention of their children in Hoosier Healthwise,or themselves in the HIP program. Members of this Healthy Communities' council work with the system to strengthen the safety net, increase the number of enrollment sites, and simplify the enrollment/re-enrollment process.

All objectives are accomplished by collaboratively working with social service providers, school systems, the Division of Family Resources, community leaders, public officials, business and private sectors, media, etc. As changes unfold at the state level, the LaPorte County council will proactively work to insure access to low/no cost health insurance is consistently available for our low to moderate income families.

Access to and enrollment in low/no cost health insurance helps to insure children receive appropriate and timely medical care. A well student is a better student. A better student has a

greater potential to become a healthy, contributing, productive member of our community. Those who are uninsured are more likely to go without needed health care, including treatment for chronic illnesses. Lack of regular treatment for chronic conditions such as diabetes can lead to serious and costly complications. Health insurance is important - even when an individual is healthy.

To become involved in the LaPorte County Covering Kids & Families Council efforts, call Director Monica Cavinder at 219-221-1559.



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